The Ads Team Review And Strategies

  • Launched Date: 15th October 2016
  • Owner Of The Ads Team: Muhammad Azam and Najam Ul-Hassan
  • Total Members: 50,000 Plus
  • Payment Processors: Payza, Bitcoin, STP, Perfect Money and Payeer 
  • Per day Earning Cap: 2%

The Ads Team is an Online Advertising Revenue Sharing StartUp from UK which was officially launched on 15th of October 2016. It has a decent pay plan which shares revenue up to 120%. According to the research. They want to create a billion dollar company with an advertising revshare business model, affiliate marketing, TAT Academy, TAT shopping and network marketing combined together . TheAdsTeam is getting a very good support from our make money online community too. It has reached 10,000 members within less than 10 days and the current members count is 54690.

About The Owner Of The Ads Team (TAT) 

Muhammad Azam – Co-Founder Experienced in Banking & IT with a Masters Degree in Computer Networking.
Became an Entrepreneur in 2013 and had the privilege to work with top leaders in the online and offline network marketing industry.
Helped organisations to grow from zero to thousands of distributors and reach millions of dollars in revenue as a network marketing professional.

Najam Ul-Hassan – Co-Founder  Head of Marketing, Retail Affiliate Program and Digital Academy of TheAdsTEAM.
Experienced Internet Marketing and Network Marketing Professional who’s on a mission to make TheAdsTEAM a billion dollar company and to create multiple success stories.

The Ads Team Compensation Plan 

The Ads Team ompensation Plan

  • Ad Packs are $10, $25 and $50 each, giving 110%, 115% and 120% respectively. Anyone can maximum of 200 packs in level 1, 500 packs in level 2 and 2000 adpacks in level 3.
  • Revenue sharing every 1 hour.
  • Surfing 10 Ads in 24 hours are mandatory to earn.
  • You can withdraw $300 per day and wihdraw are enabeled 24/7.
  • Sales Commissions are 5 level deep 8% – 2%- 1%-1%. We cannot withdraw commissions it is only used for purchasing ad packs and advertising services.
  • Leaders can earn bonus 8% from leadership pool once they reach certain milestones.

Pros and Cons

Pros – 

  • Simple but solid AdPack structure with no crazy promises. $50 AdPack which shares revenue up to 120% is pretty good for long term 
  • Strong Affiliate Partnerships with well known brands. 

the ads team affiliate

  • Payouts are 24/7. Everyday is a payday
  • Sales Commissions are 5 level deep 8% – 2%- 1%-1%.
  • Career Plan with attractive rewards such as iPhones, iPads, MackBooks and Holiday Packages.
  • TAT Academy and TAT Shopping has make it more stable and longterm.

Cons –

  • Ad Packs are costly its starting from$10 $25 and $50, This may be discourage for small buy ins. 
  • I don’t find any other cons in TAT

Some Tips and Strategies.

  • Go for $50 Packs with your first Buy in. Then repurchase or buy $10, $25 Packs with your daily earnings.
  • Try to be a Gold Member (200 AdPacks and 20 Direct Referrals) as soon as possible to get qualified for earnings from Leadership Pool.
  • Commissions from one processor can be transfer to other processors. make a use of this and build one single processor instead of spreading small commissions into different wallets.
  • Follow this link How To Get Started With The Ads Team (TAT)

Join With AdRevSharing

  • If you  join under us then you can ask for Referral Commission Back (RCB)
  • Ask for the calculator if you want.
  • If we found issues in any program it will be updated in the right sidebar “News and Updates”  section.

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