How To Get Started With The Ads Team

Please follow the below button to Register in The Ads Team

Join The Ads Team

To register for a member account with The Ads TEAM you will need to have the following details available; Name, Email & Phone number.

By providing these details you will be able to generate a member account, please follow the onscreen instructions that will take you through the whole registration process, which will generate a unique username and password for your individual member account.

After Registration

Log into your back office with your user name and password

PLEASE fill out your Profile first (under ACCOUNT ACTIVITY – PROFILE)

Add your processor username or email (the processor details you will be using for PURCHASE AND WITHDRAWALS from TheAdsTEAM) e.g. if you have a Payza account you will need to enter the email address you use to log into Payza
Scroll down to ” Change Security Details “and add your security question and answer.

PLEASE NOTE, Keep your password and security question and answer Safe and do not share with anyone or at your discretion !!


Get familiar with YOUR account

Visit all links and click on all buttons, find out what is where, familiarise yourself with all the functions and how things work, don’t worry you cannot break anything, just check it all out so that you can make the most of your.


For the purchase of Ad packs on the overview page you will see an orange button “BUY ADPACK” (besides your referral link underneath your username and ID# in the middle of the overview page when you log in)

Click on the orange BUY ADPACK button and follow the simple and quick instructions to make a purchase:

  • Click on Purchase AdPack
  • Choose from 3 Different cost options of $10, $25 or $50 AdPack
  • In the next window you will see an option to make the purchase of adpacks using either a payment processor or account balance
  • Select your payment option and purchase your adpack(s), the system will update your purchase and adpack(s) immediately and this will show on your dashboard.

HOW TO SET UP BANNERS: refer to “FILE” on our Facebook Group.


Do not forget to surf 10 ads.

See orange START SURFING button at the top of the overview page.

EVERY 24 hours you are required to view 10 ads, in order for your account to remain active, you will find the link and the timer on the OVERVIEW page. You can surf any time you want and the next surfing time (after 24 hours) will be adjusted accordingly. When you have not viewed your 10 Ads you will see the following message: “You Are Yet To Surf 10 Ads Today”; to remind you to surf your 10 ads.


Keep an eye on your earnings

Every 60 min your earnings are posted to your account/ back office.

Earnings are distributed into the EARNINGS BALANCE.

Your earnings can be used to “purchase” new adpacks, or can be withdrawn.

You can see your real time earnings when you go to FINANCE/ Earnings History (on the dashboard).

Joining My Team

  • If you deposit under me the you can ask for me for Referral Commission Back (RCB)
  • You will get program calculator to maximize your profits. Ask for the calculator.
  • If we found red flag about any program it will be updated in the right sidebar in “News and Updates” Section.

Join The Ads Team

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