My Paying Ads Review And Strategies

  • Launched Date: March 30, 2015
  • Owner Of My Paying Ads: Uday Nara
  • Total Members: 2,65,000 Plus
  • Payment Processors: Payza, Perfect Money, STP, Bitcoin, 2Pay4You
  • Per Day Earning: 2%

My Paying Ads (MPA) is one of the best and Long Term Paying Revenue Sharing in the Industry, and its my hot favorite Rev Share till now. Although i have started my journey with MPA in September 2016 and I can say i have not missed my single payment from this program. But this is the fact that MPA Program Stalled after some weeks when its launched. Later on Uday added some of his personal funds into MPA to save the program and made it capped revenue sharing and then program started growing and attracting many big leaders and promoters worldwide.

About The Owner Of My Paying Ads (MPA)

Owner of My Paying Ads is Uday Nara who is proposed to be most trusted and experienced Admin in the Industry, he is hardworking admin from Singapore who is genuinely desire every members to win from his system without any drama.

There are not enough words to tell his intensity in managing a program. He also did a commendable job when PayPal almost shut down My Paying Ads business back in early 2016.

My Paying Ads Compensation Plan 

My Paying had Faced some serious downtime in early 2016 when Paypal Discontinued their relation by all of revenue shares and frozen funds of all revenue sharing programs. However Uday Relaunched the system on 17 March 2016 by making some variance in the Pay Plan structure. Even after Paypal disaster. MPA came back even stronger than before and till date MPA did not miss a single payout. Each and every member of MPA has been is being paid in time without any delay.


  • Current Payplan includes 4 levels Ad Packs. $5 $10 $25 and $50. We can purchase a max of 100 Ad Packs each from level 1 to 3 where as level 4 is unlimited.
  • Every ad packs gives same 120% ROI on maturity.
  • MPA offers 10% referral commissions on all purchase and repurchases of Ad packs.
  • Revenue are shared every 1 hour and surfing 10 ads within 24 hours are mandatory to earn.
  • Cash out is limited to $200 per day for the sustainability of program.

y Paying ads for advertisers

Ad-Pack Plan 1 – With this plan, you will get 2 PPC Banner Clicks and 100 Website Credits. The cost would be $5 and returns up to 120%.
For this plan.

Ad-Pack Plan 2 – With this plan, you will get 4 PPC Banner Clicks and 200 Website Credits. The cost would be $10 and returns up to 120%.
To purchase this plan

Ad-Pack Plan 3 – With this plan, you will get 10 PPC Banner Clicks and 500 Website Credits. The cost would be $25 and returns up to 120%.
To purchase this plan

Ad-Pack Plan 4 – With this plan, you will get 20 PPC Banner Clicks and 1000 Website Credits. The cost would be $50 and returns up to 120%.
To purchase this plan

According to the latest update, PM takes 1 to 2 days, payza and BTC takes 4 to 5 days STP takes 2 to 3 days to complete the withdrawals

MPA Membership Plans

Membership plan Added in the Payplan from 1st September 2016. Free Members boot still buy and gain from directly Plan 1 Ad packs without barring no one monthly memberships all the same other members must raise their membership separately month from their payment processors.

my paying ads memmbership plan

My Paying Ads Strategy

The best strategy which I’m following and almost everyone in the group is following to get the maximum output is, try to purchase as many shares as you can for the first couple of months using cash earnings + re-purchase earnings until you recover your seed money.

After you recover your seed money, you go straight by re-purchasing more ad packs. Then you set your goal of daily income say $50 to $100 per day, you keep re-purchasing until you reach the number of shares that may approximately yield you the earnings that is equivalent to your goal ($50 to $100 daily for ex.) without minimizing the number of your shares.

This is the Basic strategy, but still every member has got his personal strategy for his own as well as for his team applying which they’re producing excellent results and earning lots of money out of this program.

NOTE: Below are the videos which will help you to get started with MPCA one of the MPA Admin team.

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  • Ask for the calculator if you want.
  • If we found issues in any program it will be updated in the right sidebar “News and Updates”  section.

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