My Paying Crypto Ads Review And Strategies

  • Launched Date: 10th November 2016
  • Owner Of My Paying Ads: Uday Nara
  • Total Members: 50,000 Plus
  • Payment Processors: Bitcoin 
  • Per Day Earning: Upto 2%

My Paying Crypto Ads is Uday Nara’s second Revshare program after a successful journey of My Paying Ads. MPCA launched on 10th November, 2016. As I’ve already mentioned in my Paying Ads Review that Transparency and Honesty of the owner of the program. Even after Paypal disaster in 2015, MPA came back even stronger than before and till date MPA did not miss a single payout. Each and every member of MPA is being paid in time without any delay.

My Paying Crypto Ads is Bitcoin Revenue Sharing site with advertising service platform. It provides revenue to those who buy their advertisement services known as Adpacks. Bitcoin is a popular Cryptocurrency and one of the most widely used payment methods online these days. When Bitcoins first came into effect they were valued at a mere $5 per bitcoin. Fast forward 5 years to 2016 and now they are worth around $1000 per bitcoin. This surge in value is predicted to increase further for the foreseeable future so much so that all major banks are investing their resources into this field.

About The Owner Of My Paying Ads (MPA)

Owner of My Paying Ads is Uday Nara who is proposed to be most trusted and experienced Admin in the Industry, he is hardworking admin from Singapore who is genuinely desire every members to win from his system without any drama.  He made a revolution in rev share field. The Owner is proven trustworthy with his current Rev Share program MPA which is running successfully since March 2015, paying 2% per day without any issues.

There are not enough words to tell his intensity in managing a program. He also did a commendable job when PayPal almost shut down My Paying Ads business back in early 2016.

My Paying Ads Compensation Plan 

  • Payplan includes 4 level ad packs of 0.01 BTC, 0.03 BTC, 0.05 BTC and 0.01 BTC. You can purchase maximum of 100 Adpacks from level 1 to 3 and 1000 Ad Packs for last level.
  • Surfing 10 ads are mandatory for receiving daily earnings, Earnings distributed every hour.
  • All Ad packs are giving 120% ROI on maturity.
  • Referral commissions on adpacks purchase from your downline is 6% where as you will receive 10% commissions on the purchase of other services.
  • You can withdraw maximum 1 BTC daily from your Earning balance.
  • There are no limits on Referral Commissions withdrawals.

My Paying Ads Compensation Plan

MPCA Membership Plan

MPCA have membership plans which can be paid directly for the processor every month according to the level of the member, like membership are only mandatory for level 2 ad packs.

MPCA Membership Plan

Things to Remember before you join the MPCA.

In order to provide better Longevity with the program, MPCA implemented the following rules regarding Membership and Withdrawals.

  • Your Adpacks earning will be stopped once you withdraw 3 times your deposit. you have to deposit more funds in order resume the earnings.
  • Daily earnings cap on Adpacks will be reduced to half once you withdraw 2x deposits.
  • Purchase from commissions is considered as fresh deposit and will increase withdrawal cap.
  • KYC will be mandatory for withdrawals in MPCA. That means you need to submit your photo and address proof.

My Account as on 11th Feb, 2017

I started my Account on 16th Nov, 2016 by purchasing 11 AdPacks of Level-1 (each Adpack is worth 0.01 BTC). I’m continuing and will continue to re-purchase new Adpacks with my earning balance for the next few months. On 11th Feb, 2017 the number of my active Adpacks is 66.

MyPayingCryptoAds My Account

NOTE: If you have set you mind to join MPCA, its right time to join the Awesome program. below are the videos which will help you to get started with MPCA one of the MPA Admin team.

Please follow the steps how to start in My Paying Crypto Ads.

Join With AdRevSharing

  • If you  join under us then you can ask for Referral Commission Back (RCB)
  • Ask for the calculator if you want.
  • If we found issues in any program it will be updated in the right sidebar “News and Updates”  section.

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